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My Intermediate groups.

This program will be conducted at the Cape Town based golf facility and be serviced by SA Golf Institute professionals. This program is aimed at the player that has been through the introduction of the game, emphasis will be on fine tuning their skills and understanding rules and etiquette of the game of golf.

Players should have their own equipment at this level if they don't, equipment will be provided.

Lessons will be overseen by a PGA professional and individual attention will be given to those students whom are in need of it. Students that excel will be offered the opportunity for My Elite Program.


On a quarterly program we will cover.

1. Swing
2. Chipping
3. Putting
4. Bunkers
5. Course Play
6. Rules & Etiquette

We will end off the term with a 9 hole competition.
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My Elite Program

Selected students with exceptional skills will be groomed for competition and tournament play. This is a more intense program and allows for playing on course and being supervised by PGA pros and apprentices.

My elite program

1. 2 hour training per week
2. On course training every second week
3. Video Analysis
4. Covering all aspects of the game
5. Over all evaluation
6. Individual attention with PGA Pro

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My Elite Pro

Life on tour is a tough and stressful process. Special attention will be given to routine and self discipline. A holistic approach will be followed incorporating the following.

1. A seven point evaluation
2. Practice Routines
3. Attention to short game
4. Recovering round info (GIR,PPR and Fairways hit)
5. Gym and fitness programs
6. Preparation for life on tour.
7. Computer analysis
8. 4 per group

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We offer a 3 year DIPLOMA IN PROFESSIONAL GOLF TRAINING, Accredited by the PGA of SA.  Once the student has completed the Diploma and the PGA Criteria then he/she can apply for Full PGA Membership which is recognized in over 40 countries.  This program is specifically for people that would like to make golf a career.

This is run at the Cape Town Academy with SA Golf Institute

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