My Introduction to Golf

The program we offer is conducted on the school's premises and equipment is provided. This provides a safe environment for the children with few worries about transport etc. for the parents. Our program (SNAG) creates a fantastic introduction to golf for kids. As is commonly known, golf also creates and assists tremendously with a child's motor skills and coordination. It is a growing sport, which has had great success in South Africa.

How our programme works

1. Each lesson lasts for 30-40 minutes depending on age groups,
2. Each pupil receives 8 lessons per term
3. We provides all required equipment,
4. Parents have comfort in the knowledge that their child is not leaving the school premises and is in a safe and healthy environment,
5. The program is a very affordable sport option,
6. Those children that show true potential for the game will be given the opportunity to join our intermediate and elite squads, with more intensive coaching including a rules and etiquette section,
7. Coaching slots will be limited to 8 pupils per Coach, and a minimum of 6 pupils, so as to allow each pupil maximum benefit.
8. We also introduce SNAG (starting new at golf) to the Western Cape its new, fun, exciting way to learn the basics of golf (ages 5-8)

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We would like your child to take advantage of our cost-effective professional offering.